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Company Introduction
     Hebei Canghai Nuclear Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in January 1996, is located in Chengnan Industrial Development Zone, Yanshan County, Hebei Province. It covers an area of 470,000 square meters and floor area of 288,000 square meters with a registered capital of 127.01 million RMB and a total asset of 1.26 billion RMB. There are 468 employees and annual production capacity is 300,000 tons for steel pipes, 60,000 tons for pipe fittings. It's a professional manufacture of civilian pipeline and pipe fittings which including researching and development, manufacture, management with the independent intellectual property. And it was awarded the ‘certificate of National High-tech Enterprise’, ‘China AAA credit Enterprise’, ‘national model enterprise on management’,National management standard enterprise’, ‘famous Brand enterprise of Hebei Province’, Top 100 private enterprise of Hebei Province’, ‘leading enterprise of Hebei Province metal products industry’, and ‘Key Laboratory of Deformation Research on pipeline metal materials in Hebei Province’.

     It is one of the designated suppliers of high-end hydrocracking pipe fittings for PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC. It is the qualified supplier reported in the special issue of PetroChina and the main supplier of Shenwei pipeline which is the first test pipeline of coal transportation in China. It is the only supplier of large-diameter thick wall corrosion-resistant pipe fittings for Shenhua Coal-to-liquids project, which was the first direct coal liquefaction plant in the world. It is the supplier of high-temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings for Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant, which is the first successful commercialized demonstration project of fourth-generation nuclear power technology in world and the only domestic manufacturer of high-voltage and large-diameter pipe fittings for the West-to-East natural gas transmission line.

     There are complete qualification certifications. Since 1998, it has early gained special equipment (pressure piping components, pressure vessel) manufacturing license in the domestic industry, civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license, weapons and equipment quality management system certification and military secrecy qualification, APIQ1 quality management system certification, occupational health and safety and environmental management system certification, China classification society certificate of recognition factory, ASME "S", "U" certification, BV certificate, CE certification, central laboratory  CNAS approval certificate, etc.
     There are excellent equipment of manufacture and testing. Such as more than 200 sets of advanced manufacture and testing equipment, so our company has comprehensive production capacity of pipes, fittings and pressure vessels, which covers all kinds of diameters, materials, varieties and pressures, especially high-performance, large-diameter composite pipe fittings and special material pipe fittings.
At the same time, we have comprehensive production-supply capacity for the overall large project. It has realized the whole process of inspection for raw materials, production and processing, and the qualified rate of products is up to 100%. The products are widely used in nuclear power, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, oil and gas transportation engineering, coal transportation engineering, marine engineering, military industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, urban pipe gallery, firefighting, pressure vessel, light textile, paper-making and other industries.

     There are fruitful achievements in technological innovation. Over the years, our company has always adhered to the R&D and innovation in the core position of enterprise development. Technology R&D experiment center was established in 2007, then upgraded to a technology center of Hebei province in 2012. In 2014, relying on more than 10 scientific research institutions such as The Second Institute of China Nuclear Industry, Suzhou Thermal Engineering Institute, Xi 'an Thermal Engineering Institute, China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Technology Research Institute, and National Iron and Steel Research Institute, under the strong support of Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hebei Provincial Pipeline Component Industrial Technology Research Institute was contracted to become an important R&D base for intelligent pipeline equipment and pipeline data in China. At present, our company has participated in the drafting of GB/T12459-2017, GB/ T13401-2017, SY/T0609-2016, Y/T0510-2017 and other national and petroleum industry standards, as well as the formulation of internal standards for pipe fittings used in three petroleum hydrocracking units and the review of 8 industrial standards, 11 nuclear power standards in the energy industry and 6 national standards. It has obtained nearly 40 patents in the R&D of pipeline connectors such as nuclear power, military industry, petroleum, chemical industry and oil and gas transmission, among which 8 are invention patents, 6 are software Copyrights and 23 are science and technology research achievement awards. And at present, the company is developing titanium alloy, bimetallic composite, submarine transport, nuclear grade pipeline components and other products. The R&D and innovation of high-end technology products have become an inexhaustible source and motivation for comprehensively building high-tech enterprises.

     It is marketing throughout the whole world. Over the years, we supplied a large number of products to Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Llingao nuclear power, Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, XDPNP, Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant, West-to-East natural gas transmission project , Natural Gas Transmission from Sichuan to East China project, the pipeline between China and Russia, the pipeline between China and Myanmar, the west crude oil  pipeline , Shenzhen LNG project, Tianjin LNG, Huizhou Refinery , Hengli petrochemical, Zhejiang petrochemical, Gu lei petrochemical, Tianjin petrochemical, Guangxi petrochemical, Quanzhou petrochemical, Shenhua coal, Yulin coal chemical industry, Anlian Coal Chemical Industry, military base in huludao, offshore oil engineering, Dalian shipbuilding, New Century Shipbuilding, Shishi power plants, Xuan gang power plant, Chongxin power plant and many other national key project and established long-term friendly and cooperative partnership; Hebei Canghai Nuclear Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is the appointed purchasing enterprise of high temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings of the former electric power Department. We are a first-class supplier of two major nuclear power companies, five major electric power companies and three major oil companies. At the same time, our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, India, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, the Middle East, West Asia, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

     As a key project in Hebei Province, the ODF production line project of highly corrosion-resistant chemical pipe (bimetallic composite) has been put into operation successfully. The main equipment is customized with advanced equipment from Japan, Germany, Austria, the United States and other countries. It adopts the most advanced ODF welded pipe forming unit, integrates the technological advantages of cold bending unit and UOE, and creates a brand new SAWL manufacturing method. It is the first on-line track forming equipment in the world. The annual output of ODF high-corrosion-resistant chemical pipe is 300,000 tons, including 50,000 tons of high-corrosion-resistant bimetal composite pipe and 250,000 tons of high-steel sulfur-resistant, acid-resistant and hydrogen-resistant pipe. The outside diameter of the product specification is 323.9mm ~ 1024mm covering the rare pipe diameter in China.              

     The corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the products are at the most advanced level at home and abroad, which can not only meet the reliability and safety requirements of nuclear power, military industry, chemical industry, oil, gas and coal pipelines, submarine pipelines, offshore platforms, urban underground integrated pipe corridor and other fields, but also comprehensively improve the production technology of LSAW pipe, which is a revolution to the traditional production technology and a comprehensive breakthrough in the new technology of high corrosion resistance chemical pipe (bimetallic composite) production field.

     In order to adapt to the new normal of the market economy, Canghai Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd. continuously strengthened strategic planning and forward-looking deployment to foster new growth points. It was listed on NEEQ in September 2015. In June 2016, Hebei North Pipeline Component Industrial Technology Research Institute was completed; In 2017, Canghai Nuclear Decoration "PDCA Management Experience" was awarded the quality benchmark of Industrial enterprises in Hebei Province and promoted in the whole province. In 2018, the first academician workstation for pipeline components in Hebei Province was established; Obtained CNAS certification of CNAS Laboratory; Hebei Province Pipeline Metal Material Deformation Research Laboratory was rated as provincial key laboratory. In 2019, the provincial key project "ODF Production Line" integrating "Made in China 2025" and industry 4.0 was successfully debuted; In 2020, Cangzhou Huanxiong Pipeline Equipment Industry Cluster Research Institute was inaugurated and completed; The ODF production line, which embodies canghai people's innovation dream, achieves mass production.

     At a New departure point in a new journey with a new goal, Canghai people will do concentrate on running enterprises, honest and trustworthy business, strive to improve the management level , expand the international vision, enhance the ability of innovation and core competitiveness. And we will make a greater contribution to achieve a more brilliant future!
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